How long is your the work day? 
Typically a 10 1/2 hour work day but we deliver all packages in order to finish
What time does the shifts start? 
11am currently but always subject to change
Do we get uniforms? 
Yes! Amazon uniforms provided on your first day of shift
How do you know where to go or what to deliver with? 
We issue company handheld phones (Rabbit) with the delivery app and GPS loaded on it
How many days a week do you work? 
Typically 4 days a week but 5 days may be scheduled from time to time
When do you get paid? 
Bi-weekly pay checks issued
What is the process of delivering?
There is a 2 day Amazon training that explains the process of delivery before you can be cleared to delivery packages
Do I get a personal trainer? 
Yes! we issue a mentor when you start working with us and you will receive a training session with that mentor on the road with you 1 of your first 4 working days
Where do you delivery in Atlanta area? 
We deliver in Downtown Decatur, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Henry counties

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